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Liquid Sheep Fat – 100% natural food supplement for your dog.

Liquid Sheep Fat – 100% natural food supplement for your dog.

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Liquid Sheep Fat – Sheep Fat is a fantastic supplement. A 100% natural food supplement for your dog that’s presented in a liquid pump dispenser for ease of use.

Available in 500ml


An excellent way of encouraging feeding for fussy eaters.

A good source of energy for working dogs and active dogs.

Protects the gut lining, and this is particularly helpful during bouts of diarrhoea and upset stomach.

Acts as a probiotic. It also helps improve skin and coat condition, and assists in joint health.


Each bottle of Sheep Fat comes with a pump dispenser

Small dogs      2 Pumps per day
Med Dogs       3 Pumps per day
Large Dog       4 Pumps per day
Giant Breeds   5 Pumps per day

For dogs that need building up dosage can be doubled but should be introduced slowly over a week

Sheep Fat

Constituent Analysis
Crude Protein 2%
Crude Fat 97%
Crude Fibre 0.5%
Crude Ash 0.2%

Keep refrigerated if possible

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