Raw Feeding information

Raw Feeding information

For an adult dog, we advise feeding between 2% to 3% of their body weight per day of healthy, raw food. For example an adult dog weighing 10kg may require 200g - 300g per day. 

When calculating how much raw food for your dog, remember All dogs are individuals some need a little less and some need more. Consider their size, energy levels, how active they are and how stressed they may be.

Puppies need plenty of energy to support healthy growth and development. This means that many puppies will require 5-10% of their body weight to be fed in raw food per day. The amount of food needed gradually reduces, reaching around 5% of their bodyweight by 6 months of age with a view to reaching the adult maintenance level of 2-3% of their body weight. Move to adult food at 12 months old.

You can always pop in for face to face information at our Wrexham raw feed  store

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